Bizarre Tales


In The Last Room You'll Ever Know (Strange Machines, Apex Publishing)

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Hemorrhage (The Book of Queer Saints, Vol. II): "It’s a dumb fight to pick, but I only learn that later."

The Temple of All (Escalators to Hell: Shopping Mall Horrors): "Makoma approached the temple from the west, as generations of king-widows had done before her."

In Vast and Fecund Reaches We Will Meet Again (Wilted Pages: An Anthology of Dark Academia): As parasitic architecture overtakes her family's farm, Marsh submits herself to its service.

Excision (Fusion Fragment): A company-mandated neural lock makes the hard labor on the melting permafrost easier to bear. The only question is how much of your mind truly remains your own.

The Court of Mouths (Moonflowers and Nightshade: An Anthology of Sapphic Horror): As the head chef in a court of ravenous fae, Pela must carry out her wife's eternal punishment: to be forever devoured at the feastlord's table.

Burrower (NoSleep Podcast): An anthropologist visits a strange cult who ritually self-mutilate to prevent a strange fate.

As The Sea Drinks Our Salt (Unfettered Hexes: Queer Tales of Insatiable Darkness): The sea gods are hungry, and Captain Damarcus refuses to feed them. But after defecting from a bloodthirsty navy to sail under a pirate flag, she cannot afford to ignore their whims for much longer.

Lingua Franca (Metaphorosis): Digital telepathy is the new norm---except for Vauneant's community, who fiercely reject any form of technological enhancement.

Sea Shanties (Apparition): An old high school crush drowns under mysterious circumstances. A shipwreck survivor spirals into her own memories.

Terroir (Lamplight): You can never escape the ground that made you.